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99 x 33 cm puzzle-bıçaksız.jpg

Meet My Neighbours - 36 Piece XXL Puzzle, 30 Activity Cards & Poster

moritoys is an Istanbul based start-up designing new generation games & toys for pre-schoolers. We designed this puzzle game together. Meet My Neighbours puzzle depicts a colorful and bustling apartment complex, complete with a variety of characters and their unique living spaces. This puzzle will bring charm of community living into your playtime by introducing kids to themes of friendship, diversity, and cooperation.
There are also 30 playing cards. Following auditory instructions, coding, counting, and observation are just a few of the exercises on specially developed activity cards. Cards are designed in three different levels of difficulty, enabling kids to engage in activities that are more and more challenging as they advance. Activities are designed to help kids with auditory development, learning new vocabulary and strengthening reasoning.

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