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GMK (Turkish Graphic Designers Association) - Logo Design Award

As part of the GMK 42nd Graphic Design Exhibition, the logo I designed for "Tutto" received an award in the Logo Design category. - I would like to thank Büşra Erkara, the creator of Tutto, and Rona Binay, the designer of the original logo. 

"Tutto, the monthly newsletter written by Büşra Erkara for Aposto, has been out since January 2021. After Erkara, the creator of the newsletter, became a mother, she aimed for a redesign in which the theme of motherhood would be carried into the logo to accompany the first issue she wrote on "motherhood". Buse Kaçar created the new logo and avatar by working with Rona Binay, the designer of the original logo. The logo organically combines mother and baby illustration with typography, drawing on the physical and emotional intensity of the new motherhood experience."

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