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Anatomy of a Mother

Buse Kaçar’s illustration, “Anatomy of a Mother,” accompanies an article that strays far from honest, romantic mother-baby narratives about motherhood. Illustration and article (“She's Now Mom”, Aposto); It offers a small slice of this experience to a society that expects mothers to remain silent about their own experiences after entering into a role with undefined boundaries by signing an agreement with ambiguous terms. “Anatomy of a Mother” visualizes the blurred concept of time while living life in two-hour cycles during new motherhood in order to care for the baby, the invisibility of the process in the outside world, and the impossibility of well-being while living in domestic chaos. The spotlights that accompany the article make visible more practical concerns, like an endless laundry cycle, as well as other moments that are real, special, and unspoken about, like the baby's hand reaching up and waving in the air as it suckles its mother.


Rona Binay, who designed Tutto's original logo and visual identity, worked with Buse Kaçar as the art director during this illustration process.

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